Mission Statement

The Derriere Guard, founded by composer Stefania de Kenessey, represents artists in all media who work at the cutting edge – by rediscovering and reinventing traditional forms and techniques.

The name (a humorous twist on the term "avant-garde") reflects the paradoxical situation in which artists found themselves at the close of the twentieth century.  Since the artistic and intellectual establishments had firmly embraced abstract painting, fractured architecture, free-form poetry and dissonant music, concepts which had once been revolutionary eventually evolved into the status quo.

In such a situation, the most provocative, radical act was simply this: to return to long-forgotten, long-abandoned ideas rooted in history and tradition.

The rebel classicists of the Derriere Guard do not simply regress to the distant past, however, nor do they yearn for a long-vanished world.  By fusing tradition with innovation, the past with the present, they offer a fresh alternative for art in the new millennium.